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Pink Clouds overhead

.. I was told by a sage achitect that this building, Building A, was designed to look like an owl. You can see it if you look at it from the correct angle and use a bit of imagination. The eyes and ears are visible, though the tree has grown up to cover any vestige of a nose or mouth.

As you know, owls come out at night, but you can see it here, the next day, in the daylight.

It was dusk on Monday, February 6th when I took these photographs. None of them have been tampered with. The sky really was that color for about 10 minutes.

. When I was a teenager we learned a bit about the lore of the sea.
One saying that I always remember is:

"Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning
Read sky at night, sailors delight."

.Well it was definitely a delightful moment, just before dusk, as I headed for my car, but looked back towards the building, towards my windowless basement office.

We'd had storm warnings for several days and most of Europe was struggling with the snow. Temperatures were plunging all across the Northern Hemisphere. The news and even a film shown on TV offered dire warnings: "Stay inside. Stay warm. Don't go out if you don't have to." Yet here, from the parking lot of the UEM, just before the dark storm clouds rolled in, one could see this gorgeous sky hovering over the first building of the flagship university of the Laureate International Universities Network.

The sky reminded me of home, looking out at the sunset over San Francisco Bay. "Sky blue pink" was one of the terms we used for these dramatic few minutes just before the sun set.

You probably missed it. You may have been looking the other way.



sage: sabio
owl: buho
dusk: anochecer
sky: cielo
teenager: adolescente
lore: folklore / historias
warning: advertencia
delight: encanto
headed for: me iba hacia
basement: sotano
storm: tormenta
struggling: luchando
plunging: bajando de golpe
dire: muy serio
hovering: mantenerse por encima
flagship: el primero
reminded me: me recordaba
missed it : lo perdiste, no lo viste

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I didn't see the sky. Normally, I walk looking at the floor, to avoid potholes. I have to fall down in a pothole. Probably, it's a good position to admire the sky.

Good morning Wendy,
I think it was me who told you this story about the owl.
Building A looks great in your pictures.
See you at the campus,


Unfortunately, this is very usual, we are so busy with our thoughts and worries, that rarely did we look back or upwards.

Very nice the story about building A being an owl. I didn't know that. Instead, I heard that building B is a hawk. And, after you are told your really see the hawk. I wonder what bird must building C be.
I neither saw the pink clouds, pitty!

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